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Interventional Oncology

Interventional oncology is a subspecialty within the interventional radiology department that involves the diagnosis, treatment and palliation of cancer and cancer related symptoms. The interventional radiologists have a number of roles within the cancer treatment process. They are involved from the beginning with the performance of biopsies for diagnosis and staging as well as performing core biopsies for molecular and genomic analysis. Genomic analysis, is a new area of oncology which offers new treatment solutions for our patients.

The NorthShore interventional radiology team specializes in several cancers, including liver, biliary, colon (metastatic), neuroendocrine, breast, lung, kidney and sarcomas. The interventional radiologists work hand in hand with the surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, hepatologists, pathologists, primary care physicians and palliative care physicians in a multidisciplinary approach to manage our patient’s cancer care.

Treatment Options for Cancer

Interventional oncology offers a series of image guided, minimally invasive therapies that are directed at the target organ involved with cancer while minimizing side effects and exposure to non-target organs, improving recovery time. We also perform a number of palliative procedures that provide pain relief options to help improve your quality of life while undergoing your cancer management.

Our interventional radiology team uses advanced techniques to treat cancer including:

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