We offer a wide range of services for patients requiring breast surgery and for those interested in maintaining optimal breast health. Our highly-trained breast surgeons use the latest technology, including robotics, to perform many surgeries using minimally invasive techniques which allow the patient to recover more quickly. Diseases that bring women and men to a breast surgeon include: breast cancerbreast infectionbreast lumpbreast pain and fibrocystic breast disease

Our breast surgeons work together with other physicians and health specialists to diagnose and treat each patient with breast disease, whether benign or malignant, that comes to NorthShore University HealthSystem.

The multidisciplinary group meets weekly to give the patient information from medical specialists trained in battling breast disease. Some of the procedures these patients may encounter are: ductal lavage and ductoscopymastectomylumpectomy and breast biopsy. NorthShore University HealthSystem plastic surgeons help women who need breast reconstruction due to cancer or removal of implants. You may see a plastic surgeon for: implant reconstruction mastectomyTRAM flap reconstructionlatissimus dorsi reconstruction, or breast implant removal.


You’ll find breast surgeons conveniently located in the Breast Evaluation Centers located in the Specialty Suites at Evanston, Glenbrook and Highland Park Hospitals as well as at the Vernon Hills Specialty Suite. There are imaging facilities available at 8 locations to expedite evaluation of your breast health needs. View our locations to schedule a screening mammogram at a facility near you.