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At NorthShore, we are committed to providing excellent care for the sickest infants and children who come into our medical system. Under the leadership of Bridget Wild, MD, we aim to provide educational opportunities for every provider who cares for pediatric patients. Providers from emergency medicine, pediatrics, neonatology, anesthesia and post-operative services make use of our facilities to maintain skills. Whether through nursing skills days, mock code afternoons, or PALS courses, the GCSI is equipped to meet interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary educational needs.

We are proud to host the following curricula in an on-going schedule, and would be happy to talk about how these sessions might work for your team.

  • PedsFAST (Pediatric First Act Simulation Training) is an interdisciplinary program focused on team response in the first five minutes of pediatric cardiopulmonary emergencies. This curriculum incorporates evidence-based approaches to high fidelity medical simulation. Sessions are generally 2 hours long, focusing on 2 codes, and represent high stakes scenarios chosen to reflect the epidemiology of pediatric emergencies. Nurses, medical students, residents, physician assistants and attending physicians participate together such that everyone practices the role they play in real patient care and team choreography can be rehearsed to meet AHA standards.

  • NeoFAST (Neonatal First Act Simulation Training) is an interdisciplinary high fidelity simulation program developed from the PedsFAST model by Dr. Bridget Wild, and Nancy Rodriguez, NP, aimed to enhance delivery room resuscitation skills for level II nursery providers. This course is offered internally as a 4 hour course and externally as an 8 hour course paired with a communications seminar. 

  • Home CaRE (Home Caregiver Readiness Education) is a novel program designed to decrease anxiety for families welcoming a medically complex infant into their homes with equipment such as nasogastric tubes, gastrostomy tubes, urinary catheters, ostomy supplies and tracheostomies. Developed and directed by our Infant Special Care Unit Care Coordinator, Lynn Mayberry, RN this curriculum has standardized objectives achieved in customized simulation sessions allowing parents to practice using medical equipment and life-saving maneuvers on simulation manikins prior to performing care for their baby.

If interested in attending one of these classes, please visit the course registration page.