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NorthShore's Simbulance

Bringing simulation and experiential learning to YOU!

NorthShore University HealthSystem's new “Simbulance” is an ambulance used for community outreach and other emergency training and prevention. We are happy to visit your senior center, school or other special event*, to deliver health education topics in a fresh, engaging format.

Outreach experiences include:

  • Bystander CPR training
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Coming soon- Distracted Driver Prevention
  • Exposure to careers in health care
  • School outreach around anaphylaxis, asthma, type I diabetes and calling 911

Thank you to Superior Ambulance and the Herbert Kirst Emergency Intervention and Education Fund for this generous donation and creation of the Simbulance for NorthShore!

Request NorthShore’s Simbulance to visit your community organization or event.

If you would like to support the Simbulance’s continued mission of bringing experiential learning to the community you can donate at this link.

*within our service area geography (see map)