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The circulatory system (also known as the cardiovascular system) serves as the body’s transportation grid for blood to and from the heart and throughout the body. Arteries, veins and the lymphatic system are the passageways by which this vital fluid travels on this super highway. Vascular conditions involve a number of peripheral vascular disorders from aneurysms and carotid artery disease to varicose and spider veins that can disrupt the free flow of nutrient-rich blood and other fluids. Blockages from plaque buildup or structural weaknesses in arteries, veins and lymph vessels can cut off the blood supply to organs and extremities such as the arms and legs, much like a traffic jam. Circulation disorders can lead to swollen painful limbs, stroke and other serious, if not life-threatening, conditions.

NorthShore’s Division of Vascular Surgery offers a vast array of services for the diagnosis, management and treatment of vascular diseases. Our vascular surgeons have extensive experience caring for patients with a broad range of venous and arterial conditions. We also provide dialysis access procedures for kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy for renal failure, and offer vascular medicine services.

Our vascular experts provide customized treatment for the best patient outcomes and quality of life. Not all vascular conditions require major or, in fact, any surgery. Our physicians often employ diet, exercise, medication and/or minimally-invasive interventional procedures in their treatment planning. As vascular conditions can affect many parts of the body, a multidisciplinary approach is key to optimizing care. We work closely with a variety of other specialists, including cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, nephrologists and general practitioners.