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Catheter-based Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement : Non-Surgical Treatment

Catheter-based mitral valve therapies such as MitraClip repair or transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER) and transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) continue to emerge as groundbreaking minimally invasive treatments for mitral regurgitation (MR) or leaky heart valves. For patients who are considered high risk for complications with standard open heart valve surgery, these minimally invasive options offer alternatives that are well tolerated and highly effective.  While dedicated TMVR devices remain investigational, MitraClip repair for the treatment of degenerative primary MR has been approved by the FDA since 2013 and more recently was approved for the more common cause of  mitral regurgitation; functional or secondary MR.

In 2003, NorthShore’s internationally renowned interventional cardiology team performed the very first MitraClip procedure and contributed over the years to trials testing its efficacy. Over the past 10 years, NorthShore has been among the first centers in the world to pioneer TMVR using commercially available aortic valve devices in the mitral position and dedicated investigational MV replacement devices.

Our specialists, led by Mark Ricciardi, MD, continue to build on their collective expertise. NorthShore was the first in Illinois and the region to use the fourth generation MitraClip device; a major advance in technology that will lead to better outcomes and benefit patients with complex mitral valve disease previously considered unsuitable for catheter-based repair. Expanding further, NorthShore is also now investigating new therapies for tricuspid valve disease. These and similar efforts at NorthShore serve to benefit our patients and the larger community of patients with valvular heart disease.

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