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Cardiovascular Research and Clinical Trials

The NorthShore Cardiovascular Institute is committed to the development and implementation of lifesaving innovations in the treatment of heart disease. Our physician-scientists combine the best of clinical know-how with superior investigative skills to advance cardiovascular care and improve the patient experience through pioneering research.

Since successfully performing the first percutaneous mitral valve repair in 2004, our physicians have continually been at the forefront of cardiac care in a variety of areas, including:

Personalized medicine
One drug does not always fit all.
Genotyping may help to better match patients with the drug therapy that works best for their individual genetic profiles.

Structural heart disease
Novel procedures are advancing standards of care. 
An international innovator in heart valve research, NorthShore has long been a leader in developing new, minimally-invasive catheter-based procedures for valve repair and replacement. These innovative treatment options offer a promising non-surgical alternative to a growing number of patients in place of traditional open heart surgery.

Heart rhythm disorders
How best to treat an irregularly beating heart?
 Sometimes curing is better. NorthShore serves as a site for an international study comparing the effectiveness of catheter-based ablation to drug therapy as a first-line treatment for atrial fibrillation.

Heart failure
Enhanced quality of life and function can be achieved. NorthShore clinical researchers are studying new implantable devices focused on helping patients with weakened or failing hearts live their lives to the fullest.

Preventive medicine
Heart disease is treatable ‒ and often preventable.
 Our investigators are involved in a number of clinical trials with novel antiplatelet and cholesterol-lowering agents to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

Women’s health
Women are different from men. 
Learning more about how cardiovascular care and treatment affects women can help to improve their care. Adding to a growing body of knowledge about women’s heart health, NorthShore physician-scientists are conducting outcomes research on heart attacks in female patients.

Conducting leading-edge research further strengthens the depth and breadth of services we provide to patients. NorthShore offers a wide range of clinical trials that examine the prevention, screening and treatment of heart diseases.