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Heart Failure Quiz

This is a screening tool to help determine your risk for heart failure and related conditions. After completing this assessment, we will provide a recommendation for potential follow up consultation with a heart failure specialist.

Please answer all of the questions.

Does anyone in your family have a history of heart failure?

Do you have a hard time walking upstairs because you experience shortness of breath?

Do you wake up at night short of breath?

Do you have fluid retention or swelling of the feet?

Do you experience fast breathing or difficulty breathing?

Do you feel fluttering or palpitations of the heart?

Are you worried about your heart health?


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You may be at risk. Please call 847.864.3278 to request a consultation with a heart failure expert.

You don't exhibit risk factors for heart failure, but be sure to discuss any health issues or concerns with your primary care physician at your annual physical.