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Clinical Trials

ANCHOR - Aneurysm Treatment using the HeliFX Aortic Securement System Global Registry
Aims: Endografts are often employed in the treatment of Abdmoinal Aortic Aneurysms.  The Aptus HeliFX Aortic Securement System allow the surgeon to use EndoAnchors, similar to small screws, to secure the endograft to the wall of the aorta, providing additional fixation and sealing of the endograft in place.  The system can be used in either:          

  • patients who already have an endograft (previously placed) that the surgeon thinks will benefit from additional securing or,
  • patients who are undergoing placement of an initial endoqraft repair, particularly those whose anatomy may make securing the graft without the use of EndoAnchors difficult (the surgeon believes the endograft may be at risk of not “fixing” to the wall of the aorta, or not sealing well).

This Global Registry will allow for collection of clinical data on patients who have had the EndoAnchors placed in their endograft and to expand the knowledge of how well the system is working over a broad spectrum of geographies and a variety of practicing clinicians.
Diagnosis: Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AA); Endoleak
Principal Investigator: Omar Morcos, MD
IRB Approval Number: EH12-461
Sponsor: Aptus Endosystems, Inc.
Contact: Interested patients may contact Karen Hynes at 847.663.8017,
Open to Enrollment: Yes