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Janardan D. Khandekar , MD

Center for Molecular Medicine

Contact Information

 847.733.5294 fax


  • Medical School: 1969, M.B.B.S., MD - University of Indore, India
  • Post-Graduate:

    (1967–1970) Housestaff, M.Y. Hospital, Indore, India

    (1970–1971) Fellow, Medical Research Council, Univ. of Montreal

    (1972–1973) Resident in Medicine, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    (1973–1975) Fellow in Oncology, Tufts University Hospitals, Boston, Massachusetts

Board Certification

  • 1974 Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • 1975 Diplomate, Medical Oncology, American Board of Internal Medicine

Research and Academic Interests

  • Personalized Medicine

Career Summary

  • (1973–1975) Fellow, Tufts University School of Medicine: (Medical Oncology)

  • (1975–1980) Assistant Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • (1975–1998) Head, Division of Medical Oncology, NorthShore University HealthSystem

  • (1979–1987) Associate Director, Kellogg Cancer Centers, NorthShore University HealthSystem

  • (1980–1986) Associate Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • (1986–2009) Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • (1987–1998) Kellogg/Scanlon Chair, NorthShore University HealthSystem
  • (1989–1995) Associate Director, Lurie Cancer Center, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • (1993–2011) NorthShore University HealthSystem Board of Directors
  • (1995–1999) Director, Swedish Covenant Hospital Cancer Center

  • (1998–2011) Louise W. Coon Chair in Medicine and Director, Kellogg Cancer Care Centers, NorthShore University HealthSystem

  • (2009–Present) Clinical Professor, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

  • (July 2011–Present) Director for the Center for Molecular Medicine, NorthShore University HealthSystem

  • (2011–Present) Board of Directors, NorthShore University HealthSystem

  • (2003–2008) Deputy Editor, Archives of Internal Medicine

Honors and Awards

  • Gold Medal for standing First in the College for Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • Gold Medals for standing First in the University; Honors in Physiology, Pharmacology and Medicine in Medical School

  • 1983 - Certificate of Merit as Principal Investigator for Community Clinical Oncology Program, National Cancer Institute

  • 1991 - Who's Who in Medicine

  • 1995 - Who's Who in Science and Technology

  • 1997 - Who's Who in America

  • 1998-2013 - Best Doctors in America

  • 1999, 2001, 2003 - Listed How to Find Best Doctors, Chicago-metro region

  • 1997 - Illinois Laureate, American College of Physicians

  • 1997 - Distinguished Physician Award, India Medical Association

  • 1997 - Lecturer – 19th Annual Conference of Association of Radiation Oncologists of India

  • 2002 - Stephen A Weisman, M.D. Humanitarian Award, Cancer Wellness Center

  • 2003 - NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) Board of Directors Award for Program Development\

  • 2004 - Dean D.N.S. Chowdhari - Memorial Oration

  • 2009 - NorthShore University HealthSystem Physician Philanthropy Champions’ (PPC) Inaugural Award, Board of Directors

  • 2012 - Endeavor Health Medical Group Distinguished Physician Award

  • 2013 - Myra Rubenstein Weis Health Resource Center Award

  • 2013 - Plenary Session Lecture – Indian Academy of Neurology


Professional Memberships/Affiliations/Activities

  • 1977–1981 - Board of Directors, American Cancer Society, Chicago North Shore Division

  • 1978–1982 - Board of Directors, Hospice of North Shore

  • 1978– Scientific Program Committee, Association of Clini­cal Scientists

  • 1980 –1991 - Consultant, Medical Oncologist to Illinois Cancer Council

  • 1980–1989 - Member, Lung Cancer Study Group

  • 1981– NIH Ad Hoc Committee on Natl. Prostate Cancer Program

  • 1981– NIH Ad Hoc Study Sections on Translational Clinical Research

  • 1981– Member, NIH Team for Audit of Clinical Trials: Yale University, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Mayo Clinic, etcetera

  • 1981–1985 - GU/GYN Steering Committee, ECOG, Co-Chairman

  • 1981–1985 - ECOG; P.I. Constitution, GU, Human Genetics, Nominating, and Institutional Review Committees

  • 1982–1987 - Co-Chairman, ECOG Forms Committee

  • 1982–1985 - Member, ECOG Cancer Control Steering Committee

  • 1986– Member, ECOG New Agents Committee

  • 1987– Member, ECOG Surgery Review Committee

  • 1991–1998 - Member, Executive Committee ECOG

  • 1991–1994 - Member, Exhibits Committee of ASCO

  • 1991–2000 - Gilda’s Club

  • 1994–1997 - Member, CansurFACS Advisory Committee, American College of Surgeons

  • 1996–2000 - Medical Advisory Board, Vida Health Care

  • 2004–2009 - Association of Professors of Medicine – Diversity Committee

  • 2014–Present -  Associate Editor of J. Surgical Oncology

Scholarly Work

Publications: Peer-Reviewed (115 full length papers and over 60 book chapters and proceedings of Symposia)

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