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Young Adult Services

Our Mission 

Our mission is to treat young adults with respect and empathy in a structured and safe environment. We believe that treatment should occur on a continuum of care, and we are committed to providing developmentally focused care in the least restrictive setting possible. We assess each young adult to provide individualized treatment based on his or her strengths or deficits.

Continuum of Care

The period of young adulthood is challenging and stressful. Individuals progress from reliance on family to establishing a productive, independent life style.

For some young people, this transition can be more emotionally difficult. They may develop anxiety, depression or other problems in functioning.  In these cases, professional assistance can reduce these symptoms and help them to resume their pursuits.

The Young Adult Program within The Department of Psychiatry offers a wide variety of services focused on the unique issues of young adulthood including:

Treatment Team

Our multidisciplinary treatment team for young adults includes:

  • Board-certified psychiatrists licensed clinical psychologists
  • Clinical neuropsychologists
  • Adolescent medicine specialist or other primary care provider
  • Educational specialists credentialed in Special Education
  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Licensed clinical counselors
  • Occupational and recreational therapists
  • Consultants in such fields as chemical dependency, eating disorders, nutrition and psychology
  • Chaplaincy support as requested

Our program goal is to provide the highest quality of psychiatric care with an excellent therapeutic experience for every adolescent and young adult, and their families.

For More Information

For information on any inpatient or outpatient Young Adult Services, please call 847.400.8430.