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Kidney Biopsy

Kidney Biopsy (Renal Biopsy) is a procedure often necessary to diagnose and treat problems affecting the kidney.

What to Expect 

Patients usually require a 23 hour hospital stay after a renal biopsy. You will come to the hospital and have an IV placed and sign any necessary forms. At this time you may be given a medicine ordered by your physician to help you relax. You will then be transported to the ultrasound department where the procedure will be done. You will lie face down on a table and the skin in the lower back will be cleaned and numbed with lidocaine. While viewing the kidney under ultrasound, pieces will be taken off the top of 1 kidney using a needle. A pathologist will also be there to check that the tissue is from the correct part of the kidney. After the procedure, you will have to lie in bed for 6 hours and be monitored for any signs of bleeding. 

What to Do 

Do not take any aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications for 1 week before the procedure. Arrive at the hospital at the time specified by your physician. You may eat or drink on the morning of the procedure. 

Where to Go 

Evanston Hospital – Ambulatory surgery 3rd floor 

For More Information

Please call the Department of Nephrology at 847.570.2512.