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Due to a recent surge in pediatric RSV and flu, we are allowing only visitors 18 years of age and older in our general inpatient (hospital) settings at this time for the safety of our patients, in line with Illinois Department of Public Health guidance. Read More

Home Dialysis

Home dialysis consists of peritoneal dialysis, it's similar to in-center dialysis in that a vascular access or catheter is required to access the bloodstream. However, the patients are trained to perform the procedure themselves. Blood tests and monthly physician visits are scheduled. 

  • Nocturnal hemodialysis: Dialysis treatments are performed during the night while the patient is sleeping. These are generally 6-8 hours and 3- 6 times per week.
  • Short–daily: Dialysis treatments are performed 4-6 times weekly and are usually of a shorter duration in comparison to in-center. 

Patient training for home dialysis is offered at our Highland Park Hospital Outpatient Dialysis Unit. For more information, please call 847.480.3700.