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How To: Allergy-Proof Your Home

Wednesday, March 08, 2017 7:02 AM

The change of season is an exciting time for many, but some dread it as it means allergy season is around the corner. There are many ways to protect ourselves from outdoor allergies, but did you know that you can protect yourself best from inside your home? 


Karen Jackson, MD, Allergy & Immunology at NorthShore, shares tips on how you can allergy-proof your home in each room. Take time to check these off your list before allergy season is in full swing:


  • Keep windows closed and use air conditioning
  • Avoid fans as they can stir up dust
  • Clean dehumidifiers and humidifiers every week
  • Keep humidity in the house between 30 and 50%
  • Throw out plug-in room fresheners
  • Take shoes off outside
  • Avoid fish tanks, if possible, as they collect mold
  • Repair and clean any water damage

Living Room

  • Remove all carpeting and use hardwood or linoleum
  • Replace fabric furniture with leather
  • Use washable window coverings
  • Recycle old magazines and newspapers

Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Use the exhaust fan while cooking to remove fumes
  • Wipe excessive moisture out of the fridge
  • Create a weekly habit of going through the cabinets and fridge to throw out old food
  • Don’t let sponges or wet rags lay on the counter, allowing to collect mold
  • Install exhaust fans in the bathroom to use while showering or bathing
  • Get rid of vinyl shower curtains and replace with nylon ones
  • Cover forced air registers in the bedroom with a filter purchased from an allergy supply company
  • Do not allow damp towels and clothing to sit in piles
  • Remove live plants from the bedroom


  • Create a pet-free zone in the bedroom to keep hair and dander out
  • Use double-paned windows and keep them closed
  • Encase your mattress, box spring and pillows in dust mite-proof covers
  • Dust nightstands, dressers, etc. weekly
  • Remove any clutter that can collect dust

How do you keep the inside of your home protected against outdoor allergies and mold?