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HeartFlow Technology: A 3D Inside Look at Your Heart

NorthShore University HealthSystem's Division Chief of Cardiology, Gregory J. Mishkel, M.D., gives you a tour of the HeartFlow technology:

How is the test performed?
The process begins with a standard CT scan with contrast of your heart to look for blockages. If the scan shows plaque buildup or blockages, then the scan is virtually pushed to HeartFlow for further analysis.

What information does the test provide?
A personalized, color-coded 3D digital model of your coronary arteries, showing the degree of narrowing and how the blockages are impacting blood flow. The model gives your doctor the detailed information needed to help better understand the severity of the disease and determine the next step in your treatment plan.

If I authorize the HeartFlow Analysis, am I guaranteed to get the test?
Not all patients who agree to the HeartFlow Analysis will need this additional test. For example, if they are identified on the initial review as having no disease, then the CT scan would be sufficient.

Is it covered by my insurance?
The HeartFlow Analysis is reimbursed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and most major commercial insurers. To verify that it is covered by your insurance plan, ask your doctor’s office.

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