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COVID-19 Testing

Important Update: May 20, 2022

Do you need a test ahead of a NorthShore procedure? Learn more here.

Visit the Pre-Surgical/Procedural Testing Page


COVID-19 Testing
Given Congress’s end to funding COVID-19 testing and treatment, patients may now receive a bill for COVID testing-19 and treatment services that are not fully covered by insurance.

Please check with your insurance for your out-of-pocket cost.

If you need a COVID-19 test:

  • Walk in to a NorthShore Immediate Care Center with your photo ID and insurance card
  • We are providing RT-PCR tests, with results typically available within an hour, across many clinic locations
  • If you need a test and your insurer only covers part of the cost of test, you may be asked to pay the total or balance of the cost of the test
  • Individuals who are concerned about their ability to pay for COVID testing can apply for financial assistance. Learn more here.
  • To find a community-based testing site that provides low cost or no cost tests, click here
  • Out-of-pocket fees associated with COVID-19 testing are:
    • COVID Test: $165
    • Office Visit: $98-$116

If you have a known exposure to COVID-19, or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, remember to mask up immediately and follow other safety best practices pending test results.


Community COVID-19 testing options

If you’re unable to get a COVID-19 test at NorthShore, consider other testing options in your community.