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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing
IMPORTANT UPDATE: NorthShore is now reserving rapid PCR COVID-19 tests for symptomatic patients due to a global shortage of rapid test kits. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms will be evaluated by a physician or advanced care provider and then, if indicated, receive a rapid COVID-19 test. Patients who are asymptomatic or who suspect exposure to COVID-19 will receive a standard PCR COVID test, typically returning results within 24-72 hours. If you require a COVID-19 test, walk in to an Immediate Care Center or contact your pediatrician.

COVID-19 diagnostic testing determines if you have active COVID-19 infection while COVID-19 antibody testing can confirm a past exposure. Learn more about antibody testing.

How can I get tested?

Are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
Have had contact with someone who has COVID-19 or someone who has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results
Would like a COVID-19 test, without symptoms or exposure
(this may result in a $165 fee, if it’s not covered by insurance)
Visit any Northshore Immediate Care. Walk-in at any location or let us know you’re coming in advance, at select locations.

Find an Immediate Care Site

Pre-surgical/Procedural Testing
Pre-surgical/Procedural Testing has transitioned to the Glenbrook Hospital Ambulatory Care Center. If you have an appointment for a pre-surgical/procedural COVID test, please visit the Pre-Surgical/Procedural Testing page for more information.

Visit the Pre-Surgical/Procedural Testing Page