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Tracheal Resection

Tracheal resection is usually performed for the surgical removal of lesions (benign and malignant) found in the “wind pipe” (trachea) to improve breathing and take out cancerous growths.

The skilled thoracic specialists at NorthShore treat a variety of airway tumors and strictures via tracheal resection. An open surgical procedure, it involves accessing the trachea through an incision in the neck or breast bone (sternotomy). The section of the trachea where the tumor or stricture is located is removed. Then your surgeon will suture and reconnect the trachea. Depending on the size and location of your tracheal tumor or stricture, your thoracic surgeon will determine the best surgical procedure for your unique situation.

Preparing for Tracheal Resection

You may need to be seen by your primary care physician prior to undergoing tracheal resection. Your pre-operative clearance will include a discussion of your medical history and a physical exam. You may also be required to undergo several diagnostic tests, including:

What to Expect

Tracheal resection is performed under general anesthesia.  An open surgical procedure, it typically requires 5 to 7 days in the hospital.

After the procedure, your pain will be controlled using one of several methods: a pump that delivers pain medicine through your intravenous line at your demand, by a nurse administering medicine through your intravenous line at your request or through oral medicines.

After your discharge from the hospital, you will want arrange to have someone drive you home.

For More Information

To schedule an appointment with one of our thoracic surgeons, please call 847.570.2868.