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Due to a recent surge in pediatric RSV and flu, we are allowing only visitors 18 years of age and older in our general inpatient (hospital) settings at this time for the safety of our patients, in line with Illinois Department of Public Health guidance. Read More

Our Team

Thoracic Surgeons

Our board-certified physicians cover a wide range of thoracic conditions and procedures and personalize and deliver the highest quality of care to our patients. Your physician will discuss your treatment options with you to ensure that you are comfortable with treatment plan decisions and that you know what to expect.

Seth Krantz, MD
Seth Krantz, MD
Division Chief

Support Staff

Along with our board-certified physicians, the multidisciplinary Thoracic Surgery team includes Physician Assistants (PA) and a Nurse Navigator.

Physician Assistants

PAs are medical professionals with advanced medical training, usually a masters degree, who practice medicine as part of a health care team. NorthShore’s thoracic surgery PAs have additional on the job training from working closely with our thoracic surgeons in the operating room, hospital and clinic. You will likely see a PA at your office visit with your surgeon, on the day of your surgery and daily during your stay in the hospital.

Amy Call, PA-C
Amy Call

Kaitlin Jensen, PA-C
Kaitlin Bryzinski

Alison Glinski, MS, PA
Alison Glinski, MS

Nurse Navigator

The nurse navigator provides a direct point of contact for patients who have questions about their diagnosis and treatment, helps patients deal with a myriad of issues throughout their care and refer them to a variety of resources to help them with their individual needs.

Nurse Navigator Nicole Harding
Nicole Harding
Nurse Navigator