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Triathlon Series: After the Finish Line with Glen

Friday, October 19, 2018 9:50 AM

NorthShore presents the next blog in our series where we followed Glen as he trained for the North Shore Triathlon. About a month after the big race, we check in to get to see how Glen’s training went, how he did in the triathlon and his reflection on it all.


How did you feel about your training the week leading up to your triathlon?

I felt great about my training the week right before my triathlon, especially with the help of the personal trainer.

How did you start your day?

The start of my day was great. I packed everything I needed the night before, except in the morning I forgot my goggles which was probably the biggest regret. However, I was still able to finish the triathlon and was very proud of myself.

Did you do anything special on your triathlon day to prepare you for what was ahead?

I made plans to eat at Sarkis afterwards, which definitely motivated me to finish the race as fast as I could so that I could get myself a Bacon Loretta.

Did you hit a wall during the triathlon? If so, how did you get around it? If you did not, what do you think attributed to it?

The only wall that I hit during the triathlon was not having my goggles and not bringing a water bottle for the biking portion of the race. I got around it by not thinking of it as an obstacle and, instead, as something that I had to do without.

What was the most challenging part about the triathlon itself?

The swimming portion was the most challenging part because of the waves. It was rather cold and difficult to swim in open waters.

How did the event go overall? What was your time and/or rank?

The event went well overall. I felt very accomplished. My time was 1:35:32 which I am not upset about but also feel like I could have done better.

What was most rewarding about finishing the triathlon?

The most rewarding thing about finishing a triathlon is the fact that I completed one and because I usually never do triathlons it felt great to accomplish something new.

Were you sore after the triathlon?

I was not as sore as I expected to be which is also why I feel like I could have pushed myself a bit more. I love the feeling of being sore because it shows that I worked hard and pushed my limits.