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Triathlon Series: Meet Glen

Thursday, July 19, 2018 8:43 AM

Join NorthShore as we follow along Glen’s triathlon journey in our new series. Glen is training for the North Shore Tri. You can follow Glen’s training progress and experiences as we update blogs, as well as through his social media channels. Meet our triathlete below:


Why did you choose to participate in a triathlon? What keeps you motivated for training?

I chose to participate in a triathlon because I wanted to stay motivated for my upcoming Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October. I stay motivated by trying to achieve a certain body composition.

What do you find more rewarding about training for a triathlon?

Training for a triathlon encompasses more than just a single activity, diversifying the training and the fun!

Have you completed a triathlon before? If so, what ones and how many?

Yes, I have when I was in high school.

What lead you to triathlons?

I want to take on the challenge!

How will you manage training for three different sports?

By managing my time and having a set training schedule, I hope to achieve my goal for this triathlon.

Are there any challenges that you are anticipating for training? Anything that you’re looking forward to?

Challenges that I anticipate include managing my time with nursing school and other various activities I have planned. I am looking forward to the finish line!

How can people follow your triathlon training journey?

People can follow my triathlon training journey through my Instagram (glen_song).