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Tips to Avoid 4 Common Halloween Hazards

Monday, October 22, 2018 3:56 PM

Halloween can be a wicked time indeed: Candy bingeing, peanut allergies, makeup toxins, crazy colored eye contacts…oh my! Don’t worry. We’re not going to wreck the fun by suggesting you hand out apples to trick-or-treaters. We do, however, have frightfully good advice for keeping the day healthy and safe. Lindsay Uzunlar, MD, Pediatrician at NorthShore, discusses safety tips.


  • Peanut Allergies. With one in 13 children having a food allergy in the United States, it is important for trick or treaters and their parents to be prepared. The most common allergies that individuals run into on Halloween are peanuts and tree nuts. Parents of young children should monitor what kind of candy they receive and when they arrive home and check for anything that may trigger a reaction. This can be done by reading the labels and ingredients of candy to make sure the children can eat the candy. When in doubt throw it out.
  • Makeup Reactions. Another allergy issue that can come up during Halloween is makeup. To avoid any issues, have the child try a little dab of the makeup beforehand instead of applying it all at once.
  • Getting Dressed Up. Picking a costume is a big deal for children, as well as adults, and safety should be a top priority. For children, it’s important that masks or hats don’t block eyesight. Make sure wigs and hats are flame resistant and that the costumes aren't too long to trip kids.
  • Staying visible. A majority of accidents on Halloween happen because drivers can’t see kids in dark costumes on poorly lit streets. If children are going unsupervised, make sure they stay on well-lit streets and avoid alleys. Bring a flashlight and at least one person in the group should have a cell phone in case of an emergency.

Halloween can be a hectic time for parents who want to keep their kids both happy and safe, but with a few easy tips they can ensure a great holiday!