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10 Things You Should Know About Personalized Medicine

Did you know that your DNA and genes are the future of your medicine? Through personalized medicine, physicians are now able to better predict, prevent and treat various diseases and conditions.


Peter Hulick, MD, Medical Director of the Mark R. Neaman Center for Personalized Medicine at NorthShore, breaks down what personalized medicine is and how it affects you:

  1. Personalized medicine uses your DNA to customize your care and treatment based on your unique genetic characteristics and health history.
  2. With genetic testing, we have the potential to identify the exact gene mutation that predisposes you to breast and colon cancer as well as other cancers through genomic sequencing.
  3. With personalized medicine, you can analyze your family genetic history to help prevent the development of a chronic condition, such as diabetes.
  4. Pharmacogenomics is a field of personalized medicine that studies of how your DNA influences response to different medications.
  5. Pharmacogenomics caninfluence our response to medications, minimizing side effects and adverse reactions to drugs.
  6. Pharmacogenomics is useful in treating cardiovascular disorders, depression, pain management and cancer.
  7. Once a disease or the risk is determined, we can then develop customized screening options, therapies and treatment plans.
  8. Personalized medicine can use the DNA changes in one’s tumor to determine the best cancer treatment plan.
  9. Our genetics team is identifying genomic patterns to help predict neurological outcomes for many neurological conditions.
  10. You can help further the Personalized Medicine efforts with your gift of donation.