Q: Do I need a physician referral?
A: Patients at Kellogg Cancer Centers should have a referral from either their primary care physician or a surgeon. Please be sure to check with your insurance company to verify any specific requirements.

Q: How do I find out more about the Kellogg physician that my doctor has sent me to?
A: Biographical information on Kellogg Cancer Center physicians can be found by visiting our specialists page.

Q: How does registration work?
A: Patient registration staff will assist you by directing you through the center, making appointments, and providing your medical reports to your doctor. Registration includes recording health insurance information, so please bring your insurance information. If you have medical records at another hospital, please request copies to bring with you.

Q: What number should I call to reach the Kellogg Cancer Centers?
A: The main phone number is 1.847.570.2112.  This number can be used for any patient need: scheduling or rescheduling appointments, leaving messages for physicians or nurses, or general information about Kellogg. Each location also has a number that you may call for any of the same puposes.

  • Evanston Kellogg - 847.570.2112
  • Glenbrook Kellogg - 847.503.1000
  • Highland Park Kellogg - 847.480.3800

Q: Where do I park when I come to the Kellogg Cancer Centers?

Evanston Hospital
The Evanston Kellogg Cancer Center is located on the northeast corner of the hospital. Patients visiting the Evanston Kellogg Cancer Center should park in the Kellogg Cancer Center parking lot off of Ridge Avenue. Parking is validated for Kellogg patient visits and is only $3.50.  Valet parking is also available at the hospital's main entrance at no additional charge to Kellogg Cancer Center patients on the day of their appointment.

Glenbrook Hospital
The entrance to Kellogg at NorthShore's Glenbrook Hospital is at the Landwehr Entrance of the John and Carol Walter Ambulatory Care Center. Parking is complimentary. Valet parking is available.

Highland Park Hospital
Highland Park Hospital's Kellogg Cancer Center is located in the Ellen Marks Ambulatory Care Center, parking is complimentary.  Valet parking is available.

Q: What if I need help getting around once I get to the hospital?
A: Upon arriving at each hospital and when needed throughout each visit, caring and helpful transport staff will assist patients in need of wheelchair services.

Q: Can I get a second opinion from a physician at Kellogg Cancer Center?
A: Many of our physicians are well known throughout Chicago, the country, and even internationally.  We are pleased to offer their expertise to patients seeking a second opinion.  When calling to make an appointment for a second opinion, please be sure to let our staff know at that point that the visit is a second opinion so that we can be sure that you are fully prepared for your visit.

Q: What does my insurance cover?
A: Every insurance plan is different and the rules can be very confusing.  Cancer treatment can involve many different tests, drugs, and both inpatient and outpatient hospital visits.  It is very important that each patient or their family understand what their insurance requires in order to make the billing process less complicated.

Q: Can somebody explain the bills that I’ve been receiving?
A: Bills for services and procedures completed at NorthShore University HealthSystem Kellogg Cancer Centers come from NorthShore University HealthSystem. These bills will reflect procedures, laboratory tests, pharmacy charges, and chemotherapy administration. Reimbursement for these charges varies. We ask that you confirm you coverage with you insurance company, identifying what services will and will not be covered. For example, some insurance policies do not cover the cost of drugs that are self-administered. Please inform us of any special requests or exclusions made by your insurance plan. You will receive a separate bill from your physician.

Visit our billing section to pay a hospital or NorthShore University HealthSystem Medical Group physician bill online.

Q: How is Medicare handled?
A: As a Medicare beneficiary, you may receive more than one bill for today’s visit that together represent the total cost of the visit. This is because Medicare has designated Kellogg Cancer Center as “Provider-Based” sites of care. This designation recognizes that our practices operate as extensions of our hospitals, meeting rigorous standards for quality care, infection control, patient confidentiality and more, while submitting to periodic, unannounced inspections by state and federal authorities.

While Provider-Based designation is not typical or required of physician practices, we believe this status bears testament to our overriding commitment to superior care and continuous quality improvement.

Medicare requires that Provider-Based sites bill patients separately for services provided by physicians (Professional Fees), and for expenses incurred by our practice in providing care (Facility/Technical fees), such as office space, nursing, supplies and the like.

Q: Here are a few important things for you to know about these bills: 

  • The sum of the bills you will receive reflects the same total charge that is billed to non-Medicare patients.
  • One bill will be from your physician for today’s visit and will note the charge for his/her professional services.
  • The second bill will be from the NorthShore University HealthSystem Hospital Billing Service and will note the technical charge for use of the physician office, medical supplies, nursing staff, etc. The bill comes from the NorthShore University HealthSystem hospitals as our offices are designated by Medicare as extensions of our hospitals.
  • Both bills are subject to Medicare’s deductible and coinsurance. Supplemental insurance benefits you may have, may provide additional coverage. Contact your supplemental insurance company if you have questions about coverage.

Please refer to the phone number listed on your bill for assistance with any additional questions you may have about charges for your care. Should you have questions that Medicare could answer, please contact your Medicare Representative at 800.633.4227.  

Any billing questions can be addressed by calling the number on your bill. The Hospital Billing Office is 847.570.5000 and SSC for the Medical Group is 877.210.4351.

Q: Can patients bring friends or family with them for visits?
A: We encourage our patients to bring friends or family with them for visits to Kellogg Cancer Center. They are often very important parts of a patient’s support and recovery. Please recognize that due to many of the diseases and treatments, many of our patients have compromised immune systems. We ask that guests are sensitive to possibly exposing these patients to additional viruses. 

Q: Are interpretive services available?
A: A wide range of communication options based on individual needs are available at no cost to the patient/family to minimize communication barriers in the provision of comprehensive medical services to sensory impaired and language limited patients. Patients can notify a staff member if they are in need of services. For more information, the Service Excellence Department at each hospital can be contacted:

  • Evanston Hospital - 847.570.2002
  • Glenbrook Hospital - 847.657.5603
  • Highland Park Hospital - 847.480.2882

Q: Do you have health education materials available?
A: Our Myra Rubenstein Weis Health Resource Center, located at Highland Park Hospital, provides educational materials and health resource tools to help patients stay well informed of medical care options and be proactive in maintaining good health. For more information call 847.480.2727 or email mrwresource@northshore.org.

Q: How can I learn about my genetic risks for developing breast cancer?
A: Touch screen computer kiosks (MyGenerations) installed in 3 locations at NorthShore help individuals learn about their inherited risks for breast cancer and provide personalized family tree printouts. Learn more about MyGenerations » 

Q: Who do I need to inform if I have advance directives?
A: As part of our commitment to individualize each patient's care, we ask you to tell us of any advance directives you may have prepared. It is important for all adults to have considered what they would want done in an emergency. Be sure to discuss these plans with you family members. Give copies of your power of attorney, living will, or other advance directives to your Kellogg Cancer Center health care team. Also, be sure there is a copy on your inpatient record if you are admitted to Evanston, Glenbrook or Highland Park Hospitals.

Q: Do you have outpatient pharmacies at your hospitals?
A: Outpatient pharmacies at Evanston Hospital, Glenbrook Hospital and Highland Park Hospital provide full service prescription services. Call Evanston Kellogg Cancer Center Oncology Pharmacy at 847.570.1130, Glenbrook Kellogg Cancer Center Oncology Pharmacy at 847.503.1206, and Highland Park Kellogg Cancer Center Oncology Pharmacy at 847.926.6560.

Q: Are there dining options available for outpatients, family members and visitors?
A: Each hospital has dining facilities available. Our Locations section has detailed information.

Q: Do you have gift shops?
A: Each hospital maintains a gift shop with a wide variety of gifts, flowers and more. For more information or to shop online the Gift Shop at each hospital can be contacted:

  • Evanston Hospital - 847.570.2717
  • Glenbrook Hospital - 847.657.5623
  • Highland Park Hospital - 847.432.8000 - ext. 4170

Q: I would like to make a donation to the Kellogg Cancer Centers.  How can I do this?
A: You may visit the Charitable Giving section of our website for more information or make a gift online. Contact the NorthShore University HealthSystem Foundation at 224.364.7200 or email us at philanthropy@northshore.org.

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