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CPAP Clinic

If you have been prescribed CPAP treatment for a sleep-disordered breathing condition, NorthShore University HealthSystem Sleep Centers provides a CPAP clinic to increase your comfort.

Purpose of CPAP Clinic

  • To increase compliance and comfort of NorthShore University HealthSystem sleep patients with their prescribed CPAP therapy. 
  • Education regarding the proper use of CPAP equipment.  
  • Work in conjunction with the equipment provider (DME) to insure equipment is functioning properly. 
  • Provide a multi-disciplinary service to patients that involves the entire treatment team (physician(s), nurse, technologist and CPAP equipment provider).

CPAP Clinic services include

  • Proven techniques to increasing patient comfort level with CPAP in a controlled environment
  • Equipment maintenance instruction
  • Determining proper mask fit
  • Calibrate/verify machine calibration and/or pressure
  • Education, i.e. sleep hygiene, sleep disordered breathing, complex sleep apnea, etc
  • Ongoing support to patients and their families

For information or to schedule an appointment with a sleep specialist call 847.663.8200.