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Tagged WBC Scan / White Blood Cell Scan


  • Localization of abscesses and infection
  • Evaluation of inflammation

Tagged WBC Scan Preparation

There are no restrictions for a tagged WBC scan / white blood cell scan.

Tagged WBC Scan Procedure

During the first part of the tagged WBC scan procedure, approximately 60 ml of blood is drawn and is sent to an radiopharmacy where the patient's white blood cells separated and then tagged to a radioisotope. This is generally done in the morning, as it must be arranged with the pharmacy. The pharmacy labels the blood and sends it back to the department in about four hours. The tagged white blood cells are then re-injected into the patient.  Images are taken of the distribution of the white blood cells dependent on the history of the patient and the isotope given. This will allow the physician to see where in the body the patient’s white blood cells are collecting. WBC scan imaging times will be determined by the Nuclear Medicine Physician on an individual basis.  

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