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NorthShore and Color Unlock the Power of Genomics in Routine Care

NorthShore and Color Unlock the Power of Genomics in Routine Care

1/9/2019 - NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) and Color today announced a groundbreaking partnership to deliver the power of genomics to routine primary care at population scale. Known as "DNA10K," the initiative will engage more than 10,000 patients and will be the largest known primary care-based genomics program in the U.S.

This innovative approach will build on NorthShore's years of expertise in genomics and actionable electronic medical records information, while providing access to Color's clinical-grade genetic testing and whole genome sequencing to inform patients about their risk for certain hereditary conditions. The knowledge will help patients learn about their genetic makeup, including risk factors for certain disease types such as common hereditary cancers and heart diseases. This insight will help NorthShore personalize care for each patient to support improved outcomes, prevention and overall health.

"NorthShore is committed to enhancing our connection to the patients and families we serve," said J.P. Gallagher, President and Chief Executive Officer of NorthShore. "Our experience and expertise in genomic medicine allows us to bring a greater level of understanding and new insight, which leads to deeper and more powerful patient relationships, better outcomes and informed preventative actions for the individual and family."

NorthShore is proud to expand the collaboration with Color through the launch of "DNA10K" which will deliver genomic insight to patients at the primary care level with the expertise of the Mark R. Neaman Center for Personalized Medicine at NorthShore. Today's announcement comes on the heels of a successful pilot between NorthShore and Color that unlocked the benefits of genetic information in routine care.

In less than two months, more than 1,000 patients signed up for the Color population health program as a part of their primary care visit, an adoption rate of more than 40% of those eligible and significantly beating expectations of the pilot program. This is a strong indicator of patients' interest in understanding genetic factors that can influence health and the opportunity to work with NorthShore care providers to make more informed treatment or prevention decisions.

"NorthShore is a leader in their commitment to build a future where healthcare moves from reactive to proactive and using genomics as a core component to improve individual health at population scale," said Othman Laraki, Color CEO. "Color is proud to join NorthShore through this unique collaboration to unlock the role of genomics in routine care."

"DNA10K" will support NorthShore's efforts to improve patients' health outcomes at a population level, with genomics as a foundation for informing individualized healthcare. Patients who take advantage of the "DNA10K" offering will provide a blood sample, which is then analyzed in Color's CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab, and results are returned to healthcare providers and their patients. In addition to their NorthShore primary care provider, patients will also have access to board certified genetic counselors and clinical pharmacists from Color and NorthShore. This collaborative group can help interpret test results and develop personalized risk and screening guidelines to better inform care throughout a patient's life.