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Our Practices

Our practices include medical wisdom from the ancient philosophies and lifestyle practices of Chinese Medicine, Chinese and Western herbal therapy, Western and Eastern bodywork, nutrition, functional medicine, Qi Gong, Yoga, meditation, and breathing practices.

Our practitioners have been through rigorous training and certification and have many years in clinical practice. A majority of our staff have been on the team since its formation in 1999.

As Integrative and Complementary Medicine grows, there is a greater pool of evidence-based studies to support these practices for alleviating various conditions. The positive outcomes many of our patients have experienced has been substantive.

We believe our offering of the best of both worlds, Western and Eastern Medicine, offers our patients the greatest possibility of healing on all levels – body, mind, and spirit.

Integrative Medicine Physician Consultations

A comprehensive health history and evaluation helps provide insight into the individual patient as a person, as well as the particular health challenges they face. We will continue to explore the eight domains of life we consider essential for optimal health—nutrition, physical activity, breathing, rest, relationships, environment, awareness, and spirituality—as we develop personalized lifestyle programs to encourage patients, over time, to make positive life changes.

Recommendations may include medications, herbs and supplements, nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction therapy and referrals to various integrative medicine practitioners, as well as referrals to appropriate medical specialists.