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Telehealth Live Chat

September 16, 2020 10:00 AM with Dr. Curtis Mann

Telehealth has been one of the many ways doctors are keeping in touch with their patients during the pandemic in a safe yet accessible manner. Join Dr. Curtis Mann, MD, from the Department of Family Medicine, as he answers your questions about telehealth, how it works, and what it can do for you and your family.

A family using telehealth

Dr. Curtis Mann - 10:01 AM:
Good morning everyone! Glad to be involved with this telehealth chat. I am a family medicine physician working in Mount Prospect and will attempt as best possible to answer any and all questions related to telehealth

  Levi (Glenbrook, IL) - 10:12 AM:
Can I get a prescription filled from the visit?
Dr. Curtis Mann
Yes, that can certainly happen. So, during a televisit the physician will be at the computer and if a prescription is needed it can be sent to the pharmacy.

  Gene (Niles, IL) - 10:15 AM:
Do you know if my insurance will cover the visit any differently from a "normal" visit?
Dr. Curtis Mann
It may be insurance dependent but for the most part, a televisit would be billed comparable to an in-person office visit. There was legislation that went through recently (with COVID) that has allowed this to happen.

  Sarah-Jane (Evanston, IL) - 10:20 AM:
How do I sign up for telehealth? Is it just an option when I use NorthShoreConnect?
Dr. Curtis Mann
I am not as familiar on the patient's side of NorthShore Connect with regards to scheduling. Generally, through my office the patient will notify our office through a call or a NorthShoreConnect message that they would like a telehealth visit and we set it up that way

  Leo (Northbrook, IL) - 10:27 AM:
If I have a technical issue, what kinds of reconnection/rescheduling help do I have access to?
Dr. Curtis Mann
The televideo visit can always be converted to a phone visit if need be. That is one solution. Otherwise, I would suggest a NorthShore connect message to the physician to reschedule, this is likely the most efficient way to go about this and will avoid having to call the office

  Izabelle (Wilmette, IL) - 10:30 AM:
How can the doctor diagnose me without actually doing a physical exam?
Dr. Curtis Mann
Currently, it can be a bit trying, but surprisingly there is a lot we can do. If it is a skin issue, video can work very well. Musculoskeletal issues, there are maneuvers we can have you do in front of your phone that can help diagnose a condition. I have even had patients press on their abdomen if it is an abdominal issue, and this can work. In addition, NorthShore is looking into additional technologies to do exams at home, but that is peering into the near future

  Dominick (Chicago, IL) - 10:34 AM:
What are the technical requirements? A specific app or computer program?
Dr. Curtis Mann
It is through an app or a link that would be sent by text message. NorthShore does not have one specific app currently for telehealth visits, but that is coming soon. Your office would be able to assist you if need be.

  Luca (Niles, IL) - 10:41 AM:
Kind of a follow up to that last question, can you tap into any other technologies beyond the phone or tablet, like Fitbit or other wearables?
Dr. Curtis Mann
We are getting there. Currently, the physician can place a flowsheet order that can record certain pieces of information like weight, blood pressure, glucose readings. I am not sure how many wearables we can link up with currently but I know we are working towards more of this type of integration.

  Quinn (Chicago, IL) - 10:49 AM:
What happens if I miss my apointment?
Dr. Curtis Mann
That does happen on occasion. You will not be billed. The hope would be to reschedule soon.

  Simone (Skokie, IL) - 10:52 AM:
Are you seeing a lot of providers jump in on Telehealth or are there still some doctors who aren't using it?
Dr. Curtis Mann
It is mixed. We have been trained traditionally to see patients in person. That is the ideal scenario. But telehealth does offer some distinct advantages for both the patient and physician. More and more physicians are getting on board that it can be very effective and a terrific additional way to see a patient.

  Shauna (Highland Park, IL) - 10:55 AM:
I'm not very tech-savvy. Is telehealth right for me?
Dr. Curtis Mann
Thankfully you need not be tech-savvy. A smartphone like an Apple or Android is all you need. It can be as simple as responding to a text message and placing the phone in front of you.

Ben (Moderator) - 10:59 AM:
That's all the time we have today. Thank you, Dr. Mann, for your time and expertise!

Dr. Curtis Mann - 11:00 AM:
Well, it looks like the hour is up. I so appreciate all of your questions and encourage you to try telehealth if need be. It is an exciting new technology that will continue to evolve Thanks again!

This chat has ended.

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