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Riding the Emotional Highs of a World Series Championship

Thursday, November 03, 2016 7:39 AM

The Chicago Cubs are the World Champions of Baseball for the first time since 1908! The long and agonizing wait is over. While Cubs fans celebrate, it’s important to recognize the emotional highs and lows we may experience and how best to deal with them for our own health, safety and well-being. 


Kayleigh Georgia Parent, L.C.S.W, Individual and Relational Psychotherapy, at NorthShore offers the following tips:

  • Acknowledge your feelings: It’s absolutely fine to cry, jump up and down, high-five people and scream joyfully if your home team wins. Be in the moment! These are healthy releases for the mind and body. But remember that it’s only a game and not life or death. Maintain control of your emotions so you don’t cause harm to yourself or others.
  • Share the joy: Basking in the glory of a home team victory allows you to share a special camaraderie and bond with other fans—whether they are family, friends or complete strangers. Positive communication and engagement with others are healthy ways to celebrate.
  • Avoid destructive behavior: Remember there’s also a losing team and very disappointed fans. While it’s tempting to talk “smack” about the other team, take the high road instead and exhibit great sportsmanship. Recognize the losing team’s talent and hard-fought efforts. Antagonizing a disappointed fan only spells trouble and could lead to physical violence. Best to move on.
  • Eat something healthy: Baseball is synonymous with hot dogs, beer and ice cream. All good things in moderation. The excitement, however, may prompt you to overindulge on processed foods, and worse, alcohol. Avoid the probability of indigestion and intoxication. Instead, eat foods rich in protein, grains and fiber such as fish, chicken, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.
  • Turn off the TV and all electronics: Yes, your smartphone too! It’s tempting to watch all the post-game highlights, clubhouse celebrations and analysis. While it’s important to enjoy the “high” of the moment, remember to return to earth. Find a quiet place to clear your mind, take slow and deep breaths and relax. Diversions are also helpful—reading a book, taking a walk, looking at the blue sky or the moon, listening to soothing music.
  • The series is over, now what? Every sporting event has a beginning and an end. What do we do now that we’ve invested so much of our physical, mental and emotional energy into these games? It’s natural to reminisce about that memorable and historic season for a short while. But then it’s time to return to your regular routine—carrying out the important responsibilities you have to your family, job, community and fellow human being.

How did you celebrate your team’s win?