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Nurse Studies Pain Relief for Cancer Patients

Monday, May 08, 2017 8:46 AM

For Kim Cholewa, nursing is the perfect combination of science and compassion. The NorthShore Glenbrook Hospital nurse knew what her career path would look like while in high school. “It’s always felt right,” said Kim, who is a staff nurse on the medical oncology floor.


As she mastered her clinical skills, she felt the need to look at the bigger picture and applied for a spot in the NorthShore Nurse Research Fellows Program – which receives philanthropy support from the North Suburban Healthcare Foundation for selected applicants to take one day a month away from the bedside to focus on a research project.

Kim started working on a feasibility study on the use of honey as a preventive or treatment therapy for cancer patients who often develop painful ulcerations in their mouth as a side effect from radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Called Stomatitis, the condition is difficult to treat and symptoms include oral pain, difficulty swallowing and oral infections. “Sometimes the pain is intolerable and patients can’t eat or drink,” said Kim. “It’s something I see every day and it can be very debilitating.” She started reading about the soothing and immune-protecting qualities of a particular type of unprocessed, raw and natural honey that is not readily available.

With the support of Vida Vizgirda, NorthShore’s Director of Nursing Professional Development and Research, and the Department of Radiation Oncology, Kim began working on a feasibility study that would allow NorthShore to examine Manuka honey’s effects on cancer-related stomatitis. Kim’s proposal is close to being finished and will next be submitted to the NorthShore’s Independent Review Board (IRB) for approval. Vida said the study of this potential treatment option wouldn’t be available without philanthropic support. Said Kim, “We hope to begin the study as soon as we receive IRB approval. To focus on innovative research to impact patient care, we need the tools. Philanthropy is a huge component that allows us to do that.”

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