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Marathon Series: Meet Becky

Monday, July 16, 2018 8:47 AM

Join NorthShore as we follow along Becky’s marathon journey in our new series. Becky is training for the Chicago Marathon and will run on the GLASA team. You can follow Becky’s journey as we will update with blogs, as well as her social media channels. Meet our runner below:


Why did you choose running? What keeps you motivated to keep running?

I picked up running after I graduated from college as a substitute for gymnastics.  I found that long- distance running required the same mental perseverance.  The feeling of accomplishment that I get from crossing the finish line after long-distance races keeps me motivated to sign up for that next race.

What do you find more rewarding about running, specifically long distances?

I have found running to be such a great stress release, a wonderful way to clear my head.   Between work and family, life is extremely hectic.  Running allows me some precious time to myself with the added benefit of improved health.

Have you run a marathon before? If so, what ones and how many?

The 2018 Chicago marathon will be my fourth marathon.  My first marathon was the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon and I have run the Chicago marathon two other times.

What lead you to marathon running?

I never thought that I would be a marathon runner.  I did my first marathon with the Leukemia Society.  I had done a century ride with the organization earlier in the year and had such a great time bonding with everyone that they convinced me to be a team mentor for the marathon. 

Are there any challenges that you are anticipating for training? Anything that you’re looking forward to?

One of my biggest challenges will be making the time for training!  I have found a friend to run at least some of the long training runs with me and I am very much looking forward to the conversation.  I also know that the spectators for the Chicago marathon are amazing and I’m looking forward to that support.

How can people follow your marathon training journey?                

Instagram:  BecksDG

Facebook:  Becky Drummond Gatesman