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Managing Your Child’s Eczema During School

Thursday, August 02, 2018 7:54 AM

Eczema can be hard to manage – especially in children, even more so when they’re at school since they are there for a good portion of the day, five days a week. The Dermatology experts at NorthShore share some tips for parents with kids who have eczema.


  • Meet with the teacher. Before school starts, you and your child should set up a meeting with his or her teacher to go over what eczema is, how it can affect daily activities and how it can be avoided. Education is power!
  • Set up a signal. One of the worst things for eczema is the “itch-scratch cycle.” Scratching does not relieve but can make eczema worse, which turns into more scratching. During this meeting, your child and his or her teacher should agree upon a signal that will let the teacher know when a particularly bad itchy period is happening. Then your child can excuse himself or herself to apply moisturizer or go to the nurse’s office.
  • Prep school staff. Let them know what your child’s triggers are. For example, if sweating can irritate your child’s eczema, games of tag during recess should be avoided or played inside to avoid excessive sweating. In addition to letting the staff know your child’s triggers, provide them with items that help alleviate the itch, such as a moisturizer or any medications.
  • Provide alternatives. If your child is sensitive to certain materials that are common in classrooms – such as cotton balls, soaps, etc. – prepare them with alternatives that do not cause itching.
  • Alternatives for field trips. Leaving school grounds may mean leaving the eczema relief too. See if you can come with and come armed with medications. Another option is to send your child with a special bag that is full of moisturizers or medications that will help ease the itch if it occurs. Always inform the teacher if your child is bringing medication to the field trip.

Having that open communication with your child’s school is very important. When everyone is on the same page and educated, it only helps your child. Eczema can be hard to deal with, but having help only makes it easier!

Does your child have eczema? How do you manage it at school?