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Baby Steps to Getting Off the Couch and Moving

Thursday, January 28, 2021 12:12 PM

Outside your window, the world is shivering from a blustery snowfall, but inside, you are the proverbial couch potato, sipping hot chocolate and bingeing on movies.

Sound familiar? There is no shame in enjoying the comforts of home, especially during a pandemic, as long as you make some effort to move your muscles and get your blood circulating throughout the day.

Sports Medicine Physician Kirsten Geary, MD, said we should think of blood circulation like a highway traversing through your body, supplying your vital organs and muscles with enough oxygen and nutrients needed to function.

Physical activity also encourages circulation of synovial fluid, the lubricating fluid in your joints. Staying active is also important in maintaining a healthy weight, limiting stress on the hips and knees especially. Walking is great therapy for back pain and can help loosen up painful spasms.

“ ‘Motion is lotion for the joints,’ and ‘sitting is the new smoking’ are a couple of my favorite mantras,” said Dr. Geary. “When feeling stuck, recite these quick lines and get the motivation to take a quick movement break.”

Stretching and moving keep your muscles flexible. Without it, your muscles shorten and become tight, and prone to injury and pain.

Flex toward wellness with these three moves (hold all for 10 to 30 seconds). 

Get Flexy