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Grateful For You: R.J. Plotz

Tuesday, April 05, 2022 3:06 PM
Tags: radiology

X-ray Technologist R.J. Plotz, based in Gurnee, has excellent clinical skills, is generous with his time, and is focused on customer service, according to Department of Radiology Manager Sarah Goodman. His background as an EMT also makes him a first-rate CPR instructor, a role that recently led to a lifesaving intervention.

Ultrasound technologist Kim Curtis is beyond grateful for Plotz’s attention to detail and patience while teaching as she was able to put everything she learned together for her own family. Curtis’ infant grandson stopped breathing in the middle of the night, and she was able to instruct her son on how to successfully perform CPR.

RJ Plotz

X-ray Technologist R.J. Plotz

“As I FaceTimed my son, I kept hearing R.J.’s calming voice telling me what to do next as if he were right there next to me,” said Curtis. “My grandson started to cry before the paramedics got to his house. Thank you, R.J. Words cannot fully express our gratitude.”

“R.J. is always willing to help, is so kind, and is the type of person you would want caring for a family member,” added Goodman.