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Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 05, 2017 8:44 AM

Sometimes, half the fun with gift giving is coming up with gift ideas for someone. Balancing the fine line of helpfulness in gifting a fitness gift can be difficult. John Lin, MD, Internal Medicine at NorthShore, shares healthy holiday gift ideas that are fun and encouraging.


Some of Dr. Lin’s suggested healthy gifts are:

  • Fitness tracker. There are a wide range of fitness trackers available, from ones that can simply count steps to fancy ones that track your heart-rate. Becoming more aware of how often we move during the day can help us move more and some trackers allow for challenges between friends, making it a friendly competition.
  • A fresh food subscription box. Brainstorming meal ideas and shopping for ingredients are some of the biggest battles people face when trying to eat healthy. These meal subscriptions send the recipe as well as the ingredients, leaving just the cooking! Suggest making it a bonding time with that person when you two can prep the meal and enjoy it together.
  • Gym membership. If someone has been considering joining a gym – or already is part of a gym –pay for a month of their membership. Every time that person goes to the gym during that month they will think of you and their wallet will thank you!
  • Fitness clothes. Studies have found that wearing clothes that we like to the gym helps increase the productivity of the workout. It is very exciting to get up and go to the gym in stylish new clothes!
  • Make it a buddy system. Create homemade “coupons” for your friend to redeem. Coupons can range from walking in a forest preserve, biking a trail or taking a yoga class together. Not only will this be quality time spent with a friend, but you both reap the benefits.
  • Get the family involved. Purchasing fun, interactive videos games – such as Just Dance – will get the whole family off the couch and showing off their sweet moves.
  • Bento box containers. Purchasing reusable bento box containers can make meal prep and portion sizing fun, and you save money by bringing your lunches to work!

What was your favorite health gift that you received?