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Endeavor Health’s oncology clinical trial recognized for patient participation

Monday, January 15, 2024 9:56 AM

By Ryan Morton

When Aimee Sinnott received her breast cancer diagnosis, the Elmhurst business analyst meticulously followed her medical team’s recommendations. She started chemotherapy, got a mastectomy, and crossed her fingers that the prescribed treatment regimen would work.

But when her mastectomy results came back still showing the presence of cancer cells, additional treatment was suggested for Sinnott. This time she was able to tap into the promise of an experimental drug.

Her Endeavor Health medical team recommended a specialized clinical trial allowing Sinnott to try a treatment that has shown promise for advanced stages of breast cancer. After careful consideration, she was enrolled by the Endeavor Health clinical research oncology team.

Man looking at microscope test

Sinnott was now part of a large group of patients under the care of the oncology clinical research team. Globally, her participation in the Destiny trial, was 1 of about 1600 patients. The expertise of the oncology clinical research team is evidenced by their participation in multiple pharmaceutical clinical trials, as well as being a member of NRG oncology.

NRG is a cooperative group under the National Cancer Institute, allowing patients access to these important clinical trials. Through this membership, patients are able to have a large portfolio of clinical trials for various types of cancer. In fact, the cancer centers at Edward Naperville, Edward Plainfield, and Elmhurst campuses earned the number 3 spot in patients participating at their sites out of over 1,000 institutions in four continents.

“When faced with a cancer diagnosis, every patient wants to know what is the best treatment,” says Endeavor Health oncologist Matthew Siegel, MD. “It is only through performing clinical trials that we as a medical community are able to discover what are the most effective and safest treatments.”

Though Sinnott had to do additional testing and experienced some side effects from the trial drug, she says her team masterfully guided her through the experience. “I've had the best care at Elmhurst [Hospital].” she says. “I have never doubted what anyone has told me at the hospital. I felt in very good hands.”

While Sinnott doesn’t know the results of her clinical trial yet and likely won’t for years to come, she is now in remission and continues to participate in the study to help researchers track how the treatment will affect her outcomes. The ability to contribute to science and help researchers find new treatments for cancer keeps her excited to be involved, she said.

“If you're presented with the opportunity to participate in a drug study and you need additional treatment anyway, do it.” Sinnott said. “And if not for yourself, do it for the next generation of people and to help find a cure for things.”

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