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NorthShore Certified Application Counselors

To assist individuals in the ongoing implementation of the Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), NorthShore has a team of specially trained Certified Application Counselors available to help people without health insurance who might qualify.

At NorthShore, our Financial Counselors are qualified, trusted professionals who assist our patients every day with detailed questions regarding insurance coverage and billing related to their treatment. A group of these same experts comprise the team of NorthShore's Certified Application Counselors. They’ve undergone the required comprehensive training and testing related to the Affordable Care Act to be certified as application counselors for the Federal plans, as well as the state of Illinois’s Medicaid program by the National Insurance Producer Registry.

As with choosing any type of health insurance, the ACA offers various insurance plans with different eligibility guidelines. For individuals without health insurance who are uncertain if they qualify for coverage under the ACA, or who simply might have questions, NorthShore's Certified Application Counselors are available at each of our four hospitals—Evanston, Glenbrook, Highland Park and Skokie Hospitals. NorthShore is committed to assisting residents of our communities in answering questions they might have regarding the Affordable Care Act to assist them in obtaining healthcare insurance coverage.

Certain life events, like having a baby, switching jobs, or getting married, may qualify you for a temporary special enrollment period. Visit for more information.