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Multidisciplinary Care | Physician Expertise | Accessibility

NorthShore’s Gastroetnerology Team’s highest priority is the health and safety of the communities we serve. We remain open to serve you, either through Telehealth visits or in-person appointments for urgent health needs.

Our team can assist in determining the appointment option that is most appropriate for your needs. Please call us at 888.364.6400.

Multidisciplinary Care

From the mild to the severe, gastrointestinal problems can strike at the core of your health and sense of well-being. NorthShore gastroenterologists are committed to ensuring you receive compassionate, personalized GI care that gets you quickly back on to the road to good health.

At NorthShore, we’ve distinguished ourselves by the breadth and depth of the GI services we provide and our extensive experience using the most advanced procedures available using the most innovative technologies.

Our highly-skilled GI physicians, nurses and technologists work together to provide you with seamless acute to preventative gastrointestinal care depending on your diagnosis.

Additionally, NorthShore’s Pediatric Gastroenterology Division provides comprehensive care for infants, children and adolescents with a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions. Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, we deliver personalized care for even the youngest patient.

When appropriate, we collaborate with other specialists such as those at the Kellogg Cancer Center to ensure you receive integrated care for the best outcomes.

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Physician Expertise

We have more than 50 board-certified physicians who provide our patients with the highest quality care in a number of GI conditions, ranging from diseases of the liver and colon and hepatocellular cancer to pancreatic disease and disorders of the biliary system to gluten sensitivity and gallbladder disorders. We also offer a Women’s GI program tailored to meet the unique physical, social and emotional needs of women.

Our gastroenterology specialists come from diverse, multicultural backgrounds, giving them the insight to meet your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, we are committed to developing the next generation of GI clinicians through fellowship training at NorthShore in affiliation with the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and generously supported by The Lifetract Foundation.

Our experts are actively involved in a number of exciting research initiatives to improve care for all patients. Including clinical trials focused on advancements in early diagnosis and prevention of colorectal, esophageal, pancreatic cancer, bowel dysfunction, celiac disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other GI conditions.


Our gastroenterologists deliver outstanding, personalized patient care throughout the North Shore community. We offer the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at multiple state-of-the-art GI Lab locations and at each of our four hospitals. All six of our locations have been honored for promoting quality in endoscopy by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. This system-wide award recognizes our commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality.

We understand the demands work, school and family obligations place on your time. At NorthShore, we offer timely doctor's appointment and procedure hours to fit any schedule. Our gastroenterology specialists are available five days a week.

We also provide convenient Saturday and Sunday hours for screening colonoscopy appointments. This allows us to meet your scheduling needs as well as our goal of increasing access to this lifesaving test for the prevention of colon cancer.