I'm a 30yr old male, hadn't been in for a check-up in a couple years.  Went a few weeks ago and had blood work done.  First test came back with an SGPT level of 90.  Not familiar with SGPT so I googled it and saw that alcohol use and certain medications can elevate the enzyme levels.  I had the blood taken on a Saturday morning and had been out drinking the previous Thursday night.  Anyway, doctor recommended I abstain from alcohol for a couple weeks then get blood taken again.  After about 1.5 weeks, had blood taken again and SGPT went down to 83, which the nurse said was significant, but still high.  I see that the higher end of the "standard" range is 63.  I guess I'm just worried, more than anything, about what this could signify.  Nurse said hepatitis screen came back negative.  I am not a heavy drinker at all.  I will drink on the weekends and have my share.  I guess over the last few months I've increased just a bit, but I definitely didn't think it was excessive.  I'm your typical social drinker.  Could this be why?  I wonder if there's anyone out there that has experienced this and has any advice or comments.  Doctor recommended I have an ultrasound of my liver done.  I've been fairly healthy my whole life with no real problems.  I am overweight and read that a "fatty liver" can be a cause.  But hearing "liver" and "ultrasound" and all this other stuff just makes me worried being fairly young. 

I don't have any personal experience with SGPT but if a doctor recommends the ultra sound then I say go and get checked out.  Things could be normal or if there is something wrong your age and the fact that the level isn't terribly elevated could very likely mean whatever is going on is being caught in the early fixable stages.  So just go get fully checked out to be sure.  Take care.

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