Can anyone recommend a thorough and caring cardiologist in the far north shore area? The two I've tried have been rude, or completely uncommunicative, preferring to talk through nurses or secretaries who don't seem to get the answers I asked for, neglecting to report on tests etc.

I'm not sure how far north your are speaking about but I saw Dr Shortal in Bannockburn on Waukegan road just south of route 22.  He was very nice and attentive and the office staff was super kind.  I am sure all the doctors in that office are quality doctors.  Good luck.  I hope you find a doctor who treats you well.  You shouldn't stand for anything less. 

This may be too late for you--I apologize-- but maybe it can help someone. Dr Hani Salti is a great Dr who communicates AND listens and I never felt rushed during an appointment.

Dr. Brian Shortal is effective, and has an outstanding bedside manner! I've been a patient of his since 2010. He has office hours in Gurnee, IL. and Bannockburn, IL.

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