my periods are usually regular 30 days cycle. It got delayed for 5 days. had all the symptoms of preg but got my periods. It was not as i usually get. There were no cyst kinda stuff and was not heavy bleeding. 3rd day it was very light. i have cramps. am i still preg? is this implantation bleeding or my regular periods. need some help

I am not a docotor but I am in the midst of perimenopause.  What is your age?  Did you try a home pregnancy test and what were the results?  Starting in your 40s and sometimes earlier a woman's hormones start to fluctuate.  This can cause the period to change duration, and intensity.  Mine went from being very heavy to significantly lighter.  I would get them sooner than before and they became less regular meaning I was alway on the dot time wise now it fluctuates.  I also went for 7 weeks without one and then the next one came in less than 3 weeks.  I am also feeling hot flashes.  So if any of this sounds like you and you are age apprropriate then you could be starting perimenopause, full menopause being official only after a year of a missed periods.  If you are not in the age range for it then I would suggest making an appointment with your gyni though mine would go by the rule of thumb that things are only amiss after 3 months of issues.  But if you think you might be pregnant then just make an appointment to know for sure. 

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