Hi Everyone - I've been told I have HPV (the cancer kin) had a coloscopy and he saw nothing of concern. I am not worried but it seems to be a "dirty secrett" - just wondering if anyone else has it - i just wanna feel no alone. 

I thought hpv was more related to the cervix than the colon?  That said, it is a very slow progressing cancer so if caught early it is very treatable and our bodies are very able to build immunities to it so once you have an occurance and get it treated the chances of it reoccuring are not very high.  Though I am not sure how far yours was before it was caught.  That said, it is a very common std that has been around for a while but we have only recently started to hear news about it.  But at least it is on the radar now.  But rest assured you are not alone.  They don't develop vaccines for something few people have.  Take care.

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