I have mailed letters to the group to individually thank the folk's below but I thought a little public recognition is deserved.

I am a 50 yo male who suffered from severe back pain due to Degenerative Disc disease and Spondyliothesis. I spent 5 years in the care of an Orthopedic Surgeon who without care or compassion refused to do surgery. At my wits end and suffering physically and emotionally I called my GP Manu Chander who quickly referred me to Dr Eldin Karaikovic inside the Northshore system. Dr. K. Made room for me in a busy schedule reviewed my case and quickly scheduled surgery.

From the minute I walked into his office I felt the care and compassion of himself and a great staff of hardworking folks. He treated me with dignity. respect and truly listened to how this issue was affecting my life.

His RN Wendy Campos who headed my treatment was the epitome of care and concern taking time to explain test results, medication and treatments. Without her I and my wife would have floundered with dealing with so much information that we needed. Even when an e-mail would have sufficed she took the time to call and make a difference in my treatment.

Today after surgery for a double fusion and only 19 weeks of recovery I am a new person. Back in the Gym and restoring fitness with a 3 mile run every morning, back at work making a difference to my coworkers and back to my wife, daughter and family being “Me”.


I wanted to say thanks to all the folks inside the group who made a difference to me and my family yet go unrecognized and especially the ones above!


Thanks Robert Gaddy