Does anyone out there have it? I've been diagnosed but the doctor offered no treatment, no idea how long to expect symptoms will last, basically nothing other than a thinly vieled request that I go away and stop asking questions. Seing a different gastroenterologist in a couple weeks.

I just was diagnosed this year with it. I had severe onset left sided abdomala pain with multiple bloody stools that followed. Dr. said its common. When it hits it really hurts. But i dont know what triggers it. I too was frustrated by the lack of info. Have even questioned if it is the correct diagnosis = because no one else has heard of it. Good luck.

I experienced multiple bouts of ischemic colitis over the past 5 years with multiple hospitalizations. This is not something to be 'casual' about. I received excellent care/ follow up and long term care from James L. Rosenberg, at Evanston. Good luck!
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