Hi, my name is Melissa. I am 27 and pregnant with my 2nd baby. I had my daughter at 31 weeks gestation in 2007. I had an infection at the time of delivery. However, the high risk doc who delivered her says he is not sure which came first, the infection or the preterm labor. So for safety, he says he has to assume preterm labor came first. Would this qualify me as a high risk pregnancy? I feel like my regular OBGYN is not concerned about a potential preterm delivery. But in my heart, I feel that the infection came AFTER the preterm labor, and I am scared. She just tells me that I have only a 15% chance of having another preemie, but after researching this a lot, I feel otherwise. I am so scared of having another preemie. I wish I could just go to the high risk doctor instead. Any advice or any info any one else may have on this, I would deeply appreciate! Thanks so much

Ask your OB about 17 hydroxyprogesterone injections - cut the rate of recurrent preterm birth by 50%.  You can also ask her for a consultation with a high risk OB doctor.  (Full disclosure: I am a high risk OB doctor at NorthShore).

I would definitely recommend a consultation with the high risk OBs at Evanston Hospital. My first child was born at 30 weeks for unknown reasons - possibly incompetent cervix or pre-term labor. When I got pregnant again my OB referred me to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Department. Dr. Endres sat down with me and went through all the options available, answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable with my decision. I ended up getting a cerclage with frequent checks by my regular OB for the duration of my pregnancy. My daughter was born two days after her due date (so apparently my cervix wasn't incompetent after all!). Good luck!

I would agree with the opinions above- it can't hurt to get an opinion from the MFM practice- They won't intervene if you don't need it, but you will always feel regret if you don't get the care you might have needed.

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