Pansies, I had my fusion in 02, unfortunatly to say if my fusion helped or not. I can't even answer. I have had 7 surgeries on my back to date, 2 of them being 1 lumbar 1 cervical fusions. I never really felt completly better after my limbar fusion. The pain was different but never went away and since has only gotten worse. The Dr. I am seeing now thinks that my problem is L5-S1 and that when I had the 4=5 done that one shoul have been done to.  Was told the fusion L4-L5  worked jury is still out on that for me.

I had a fusion 2.5 years ago. The numbness down my leg gradually went away over time. I would say the healing process was 12 to 18 months. I did not have a brace.

I found walking is the best thing and i felt better just from walking. I still walk nearly daily and in winter do the elipical training.

the pain i had pre surgery i gone. I have had 2 surgeries on my lumbar region. I do still get achy at the end of the day. not perfect, but no longer in need of narcotics and no numbness down my leg.

keep up the walking, don't push yourself too hard. I took 5 weeks off work , and then 4 weeks working from home part time before I returned to the office.I didn't drive until i was off the pain meds.

take care. there is only so much surgery can do. allow yourself 12 to 18 months to recovery


I am glad to hear the suggestion "allow 12 to 18 months" for recovery; it provides some hope. I realize most of the posts in this thread relate to lumbar fusion, and even though I underwent a cervical fusion, I find it a valuable reference for me because it is through NorthShore and frankly, post-op information and discussions on anterior cervical fusions is limited. I am now seven months post-op and still experience significant pain and discomfort albeit different than the pain prior surgery. To complicate things further, I am currently living out of the U.S. and have abandoned my hopes of finding treatment here, but I will continue treatment at NorthShore when I return to the U.S. I appreciate any advice, suggestions or opinions and will offer any information I have discovered. Best of luck all!

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