Does anyone know where to send comments regarding customer service?  I've been going to NorthShore for years, initially I found their wait time for appointments, customer service, etc to be refreshing compared to previous offices I went to and top knotch.  In the last year or two I've found the Vernon Hills office to keep going downhill.  I call to speak to someone and often no one answers, you get disconnected or you wait on hold forever.  It has also become a regular occurence to arrive for an appointment and wait 1-1.5 hours to see the doctor.  It is really unacceptable and in the past I felt like I got surveys regularly and always rated them highly, now when I actually have been experiencing issues I haven't seen a survey in years.  Any suggestions for where to direct comments before I start looking for a new group?


Hi elleng310, I am sorry to hear about your inconveniences and would like to help. If you could please email with further details and some contact information for yourself I will make sure that I get your concerns heard and have someone from our support team reach out to you.

I have had the same concerns with NorthShore and the Vernon Hills site.  I call and ask to have a nurse from my doctor's office call me, and find that I have to call again the next day and ask again, because no one followed up.

Additionally, scheduling an appointment with any of the NorthShore sites seems to be a big run around.  It is difficult to directly access a physician's office without going through the entire central system. I am not at all impressed with NorthShore.

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