A couple of years ago, my father died after a two year struggle with a glioblastoma, or brain tumor.  Quality of life far surpassed quantity and I’m happy to say those two years were the best I had with my father.  After my mother, I was his primary caregiver, moving back into the home, unpacking wounds, washing him up, giving him shots.  Northshore was a blessing to my family.  I have felt this need to give back to the community and I am willing to offer help to primary caregivers and cancer patients if I can.  I was hoping to open this thread up to do just that.

Something as simple as grocery shopping or mowing the lawn or just spending time with the family can be important.  I was wondering if there was any need for this kind of volunteer work.  If so, please express your needs.  I’m hoping to mobilize a some kind of support network for caregivers and individuals living with cancer or other terminal illness.