What should one discuss with their doctor to determine/test if they have fibromyalgia. I have degenerative disk disease and underwent a cervical fusion in December, 2010, but I feel as though I am expereincing more pain and discomfort than normal; the pain I expereince now is more extensive than before the surgery and I am also experiencing internal pain (i.e. deep bone pain, tissue pain, and joint pain). I understand recovery time may take up to 18 months, I understand that each fusion/patient/case is different, and I understand that I may feel worse before I feel better, but I feel that what I am expereincing exceeds the standard mean of "normal". Any suggestions?

pain pain pls go away.  good morning peeps just stopin in to say hi to all of you that responded to my fibro chat.   today is not a good day for me i feel really depress** i have tried all the anti depressants they work for awhile and they poop out. i have been working lots of hours im a cna and i am on my feet a lot, i work in a assisted living so it is a lot easier than nursing homes.

i just want to be normal like i used to be. always hopping around and getting things done.  stairs r hard for me, i have to take one step at a time and hold on the railing fearing i might lose my balance and fall, * i almost did by the way* i slip and hurt my back a little i had shooting pain in my back for weeks.

i dont wont to go on pain meds**  very addicting* like u dont know already, im on lyrica i take 150 mg in and am & pm it helps but i think it is pooping out too. just cant win i guess


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