I love Dr. Simon. She's amazing and literally I know 7 people who I work with (I work for the hospital) who see her. She's a great doctor and very good with communication and addressing any concerns you may have. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Carl Buccellato with complete confidence. I have been seeing Dr. Buccellato for over 2 years starting with my 3rd pregnancy at 41. He demonstrates genuine care and concern for all his patients and is extremely responsive to any questions and health related issues. Hope this helps and best of luck!!

I would second the suggestions for either Jill Hoprasart or Susan Kramer. I saw Dr. Hoprsart for a number of years and loved her--young, friendly, practical and understanding. I stopped seeing her only because it was difficult to get an appointment at the Glenview location, and my husband and I realized Evanston would cause travel issues when we started planning a family. I've started seeing Susan Kramer on a relative's recommendation, and she has been great. We're about 2 months pregnant now, and so far the appointments have gone smoothly--she's pleasant, smart, and friendly. She doesn't overcomplicate things but doesn't dumb them down either.

I recommend Dr. Edward Lee (Deerfield, Highland Park, Vernon Hills). Dr. Lee is very compassionate and non-judgmental. He is very through and takes the time to explain everything to me. He doesn't talk down to me, just give it all in easy to understand terms. He is more cautious and provides me with all options for me to decide on my own. He took amazing care of me during my 2nd pregnancy which was filled with complications.
Dr. Pamela Goodwin, in Glenview, is who I highly recommend. Very down to earth, kind, informative and highly regarded by other Doctors. Have used her services for general check and then needed her to be included during a recent multiple surgery. She takes time to explain every detail and is one smart lady. You will not be disappointed!
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